Kate Stone

Kate Stone

Sophie Pelham: Country Files

When you are greeted with a glass of sherry and a sausage roll, you just know you are in for a good time. Sophie Pelham introduces us seamlessly to her local village inhabitants – and not all of them human in her new show Country Files.

Meet UKIP supporting Lord Ponsonby, retired model Sulky Waterboat and alcoholic do-gooder Vanessa the Undresser who, other than a postcode, have nothing in common.

Her characterisations are engaging, extremely funny and convincing. You are drawn into her village life in a totally charming manner.

Really funny and huge fun.


Catch her before she heads back to rural Wiltshire at The Cellar in the Pleasance Courtyard at 16.45 until 30th August. For more information click here!


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