Kate Stone

Kate Stone

Sooz Kempner: Character Activist

In Sooz Kempner’s new show Character Activist she seems to have mastered that tricky technique many acts doing one person character shows encounter. How to change and introduce your different characters on stage. 2012 Funny Women Variety Award winner Sooz’s genius answer is… have a news programme interview you Dapper Laugh’s style. Wearing a black polo neck on screen Sooz introduced each character – and explained their character flaws to Emily Davis.

All Sooz’s characters were just the right amount of absurd, grotesque and alarmingly familiar. From her Essex WAG to posh fashion blogger, Olympic motivational speaker and West End legend you will be sorry to see each character go but love the next one even more.

Although I think many of Sooz’s audiences at this year’s Fringe will agree with me that her character Nancy needs her own show! A hilarious mix of Liza Minelli, Mae West and – dare I say it – Julie Walters? I hope Nancy comes back soon!


Sooz is at the Mash House at 6.20pm 24th-30th August. For more information click here!

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