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Charmian Hughes: When Comedy was Alternative

If you are interested in a female perspective on the progression of comedy from the Thatcher era to 2015 then Charmian Hughes show When Comedy was Alternative (the love and laughs of a she-comic) is a must see.

Charmian takes through a comical romp of a show tracking the alternative comedy scene and all the comedy greats from the 80s to present day. For those of a similar generation the familiarity will bring a smile to your face and a several belly laughs. For those of you born after the Edinburgh Fringe began – watch and learn.

Charmian brings clowning skills, story telling, rhetoric and good old style ‘set up and punch’ to a well crafted 50 minute show. Warm fuzziness is the by product and a sense of how hard it can be as a woman to play the boys at their own game.


Catch Charmian Hughes at the Banshee Labyrinth at 3.10pm. For more information click here!