Caught in a good Galmance

The idea for the first Galmance episode stemmed out of the desire to explore that initial spark of new friendship between gals. We’ve seen this terrain explored through the “bromance,” but not so much when it comes to the genesis of a female bond. We tend to see characters who have been friends for a long time and have a comfortable, knowing rapport, but generally see less of that newness, that freshness, that weird and wonderful territory of not knowing someone but wanting to and being really, genuinely psyched about the prospect of it all.

It can be an incredibly awkward, endearing, exciting and dorky experience to fall in girl-crush land with a new person, especially since the dynamics between women are often way more complex and rife with darker undertones than those between men. It can be hard to find a new friend as an adult, since, sadly, so many of the encounters between women are laden with jealousy, judgement and overall bitchiness. Boo.

Once we made the first short and saw how much that girl connection resonated with viewers, we thought it’d be cool to create more in the same vein, varying situational comedy, while playing under the same umbrella of the “galmance.”

This installment, Mantras is based on my own, real life experience awaiting the sacred assignment of my mantra, only to be wildly uncomfortable with what was whispered in my ear.

We’re poking fun at the whole meditation culture & our somewhat ridiculous expectations of new-agey things.

It’s for when your mantra sucks, but when you stick with it cuz your guru is a new, cool friend.