Amused Moose in Edinburgh

Hands up, who’s taking their comedy show to Edinburgh this year? If you’re packing up your bag of jokes, props and oversized bow ties for the Fringe, you might want to have a go at the Amused Moose Comedy Award.

Amused Moose Award

Our Funny Women Awards are now at the semi-finals stage for stand-up. (The comedy shorts and writing categories are still open!) But we’d love to see our favourite funny women take more opportunities to promote themselves and win something. If you didn’t make it through to the next round with us, putting your hat in the ring for more awards is the best way to keep your momentum going.

Get your show filmed – ideally one of the previews, as if you leave it until the Fringe starts it might be trickier. Shows will initially be judged online. It also means you’ll be seen by even more people, including those who can’t make it up to Edinburgh to giggle at you in person.

As a personal fan of the majestic moose, I’d sure love a moose-shaped trophy. Sadly I’m not in any state to present a show at the Fringe, so I’ll leave it to you lot.