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Bridezilla has a new enemy. Crappily Eva After.

The old saying goes ‘Always the bridesmaid, never the bride’. But not so for the women in this brilliant new comedy from Alexis Strum. Collectively they are ‘Always the Bride’. Well, at least once a month when they meet in secret to recreate their weddings.

Lights go down and a shifty figure emerges from the shadows. There’s an elaborate knock on the securely bolted door. Codenames are exchanged (and forgotten!). “Hilary C” is the newest recruit of this covert operation, but sure quite why she’s there.

Lights up on a typical lounge setting. Well, it would be typical if you too have three brides lounging around on your sofa in full wedding get up. On one side of the room is buffet corner, complete with stale sausage rolls and a sweaty cupcake pyramid. Front and centre, a short stretch of carpet used to practice the step-together-pause, step-together-pause aisle walk.

And in the middle, removing her trench coat to reveal full wedding gown splendor is “Michelle O”, the founder of what she has affectionately termed ‘Re-Bride’, a monthly support group put together to combat PWDCD (post wedding day come down). However, as the story unfolds, giving way to flash backs and snippets of information about Shauna’s (“Michelle O”) life, you begin to question who the support group is actually for.

Billed as ‘Homeland’ meets ‘Loose Women’, this hilarious script is chock full of great one-liners and likeable characters who will inadvertently make you glad you’re single. The carefully woven storyline that glamourises every woman’s big day, but realises the harsh reality of life after. There are moments of frantic competitiveness, soulful solidarity and the abrupt realisation that operation happily-ever-after inevitably transforms into mission impossible.