Kate Stone

Kate Stone

Jane Fonda & Lily Tomlin demand star pay for star work

You’ve heard of Jane Fonda, right? What about Lily Tomlin? How about their film about equal rights in the workplace, 9 to 5? Thought so. They’re pretty big in Hollywood and have been for decades. So it might be a surprise to you to learn that they earn the same as the supporting actors in their Netflix show Grace and Frankie

The show is about two women who find themselves living together and supporting one another after their respective husbands fall in love. So far, so feminist. However Jane Fonda revealed at a Netflix conference that her co-star Lily Tomlin had found out that the supporting actors, Martin Sheen and Sam Waterson “are getting the same salary that we are,” adding “That doesn’t make us happy.”

That such a thing could befall even a huge star such as Jane Fonda makes us question the value Netflix (who have yet to comment) and Jane and Lily’s agents ascribe to women.

We will see…

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