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All Made Up – #ThisTimeItsSocial

Ever since I started reviewing comedy shows for Funny Women, I’ve made it a rule to sit as close to the front as possible. Lots of people find it scary – will I get picked on? – but in most cases you’ll have more fun. This is especially true of improv nights.

All Made Up brought improv show ‘#ThisTimeItsSocial’ to the Museum of Comedy, and I was front and centre. The approach paid off from the start. (Spot me in the selfie!)

Kady Selfie

If you’ve never been to an improv night before, know that audience participation is mandatory. Sitting in the back row won’t spare you. I was given a mint, because I am special. I don’t have the mint as proof any more, I ate it, because I am selfish. It was delicious.

The lovely ladies of All Made Up (and their equally lovely non-lady compere) kept the energy up and rocketed through tons of scenes and sketches. As a general theme, social media lends itself really well to improv. Using trending topics and spur-of-the-moment social updates added to the spontaneous nature of the show.

What that means is that I can’t really spoil it for you, because the jokes change every night. We had a few jokers in the audience – if you’re asked to shout out a type of art or theatre performance, please don’t cheat and yell ‘improv’. It won’t count.

The only downside to this show that I can think of it that it felt short. Yes, I know an hour is a very long time to keep thinking on your feet. And the hour we had was packed with laughs – but it seemed to be over in a flash. Maybe that’s so we’ll all go back and see them again.

And as it happens, you can. All Made Up: #ThisTimeItsSocial is performing at the 2015 Edinburgh Fringe for the whole run! Go to for more details.