Marijana says NO to January blues

We first met Gabby Best's life coach – nay, health and happiness guru to the stars character Marijana at Funny Women in 2012 when she won the Funny Women AwardsSince her win Marijana has gone from strength to strength and her positive attitude has won her a new web series 'The Marijana Method' which promises to banish your January blues and revolutionise your New Year pursuit of weight loss, detox and body image. Well, sort of.

In the eight-part comedy web series produced by Wildseed Comedy, from Friday 9 January 2015 at midday (GMT), Marijana blends yogic-fusion, tough love, revolutionary techniques and Pilates (or “Pill-ates”, as she would say) to take viewers on a journey of self-discovery via topics including Beauty, Food and Fear – with Marijana's unique wisdom.

Watch the trailer here!


“I want to give you all a body to die for… and a reason to live.” Marijana says of the series. This guru has it all sorted; her heart’s in the right place, and she’s doing her best to get her audience as spinally and spiritually aligned as she is.

The truth is that Marijana refuses to face up to her limitations but will try to use every modern crutch to tackle them. Her logic is superbly lopsided and she overcompensates this by portraying herself as the perfect being – the reality is that her husband has left her. And no, despite her posh appearance, Marijana is not from Chelsea “I’m a bit of a mongrel” Marijana explains, “my father is Croatian, my mother’s a bitch…”

This show is a unique experiment in online comedy, which will see the public actively engaged in doing activities with graduates of the Marijana Method hopefully emerging better from the experience.

Gabby Best says of the guru character: “Marijana grew out of a voice based on this real peacock of a lady I met on the London Eye. I started using her to make an ex laugh, mid argument. She broke the tension almost instantly, so I thought there might be something in it. A few months later, I was cast in Macbeth and they asked me to throw the Shakespeare out and write a stand-up set… I invented Marijana and didn’t want to leave her at the end of the run. She’s worryingly real to me now.”

Miles Bullough, Wildseed Comedy founder and producer of Marijana said: “This is exactly why Wildseed Comedy was set up; to work fearlessly with a new generation of British comedy talent to produce fresh and original content that viewers actually want to enjoy.”

We can't wait to see the 'Marijana Method' and get 2015 off to a flying start watch it here!