Make it up for 2015

If you’ve made and already given up on your new years resolutions, then why not make another right now?! We’ll help you out. Repeat this phrase: 'This year I am going to support more female comedy and give more money to charity'.

Great start! You’re on the right track. Now, you could sit down for hours on end, scouring the internet, searching for gigs that contain at least one female comedian and donating to a friend who is giving dry January a go. Or you could book your tickets to see the Funny Women Players and Friends Charity Show in aid of The Victoria Foundation at The Orange Tree Theatre, Richmond and tick every box at once!

If you’ve been keeping up with current trends then you’ll know that improv comedy is once again on the up. 'Whose Line is it Anyway?' brought improvised comedy to the masses when it was created by Dan Patterson and Mark Leveson in 1988 as a BBC Radio 4 programme, and was quickly soon reincarnated as a television programme with Clive Anderson as its host.

And now Funny Women is bringing the world of improvisation to Richmond with it’s very own all-female troupe the Funny Women Players. They’ll guide you on an improvised journey that they literally make up as they go along with suggestions from you, the audience.

You’ll also receive merriment and mirth from the vivacious Viv Groskop, who told us: "I love Funny Women. I love The Victoria Foundation. And I love the Orange Tree Theatre. My support for this spectacular event has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that I am a lazy show-off and live virtually within walking distance." The sensational Suzy Bennett will be joining us alongside the Blue Peter legend that is Janet Ellis

We have another couple of special guests to keep you guessing and all proceeds go to a brilliant charity, which provides life enhancing medical assistance to children with disabilities, so a very worthy cause.

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Pictured: Viv Groskop, Suzy Bennett and Janet Ellis. The Funny Women Players