James Burns

James Burns

Fascinating Aida are offensively charming on their UK tour

It’s fascinating how Fascinating Aida get away with their risqué material, but after thirty years in the business, we can excuse them. They wrote the rule book.

With a brief introduction by a posh, sarcastic male voice over who we assume to be the long suffering husband of one of these brilliant ladies, the enter the stage with gusto and let rip at the start of their UK tour, Charm Offensive.

Dillie Keane, Adele Anderson and Liza Pulman make up the titillating trio, reviving us with middle class songs that highlight everyday concerns. Most have topics that are relatable (Old Home and Cheap Flights), but others most would struggle to relate to, or at least claim they have little knowledge of (Dogging and Prisoner of Gender).

In their Bulgarian song cycles they vocally abuse Nigel Farrage, Tony Blair, Katie Price, Tim Burton. The comedy comes in waves in this brilliantly constructed show. Moments of absolute, side-splitting hilarity steps aside for touching tunes that pull on the heartstrings.

Throughout the show these clever women and their witty lyrics had the audience whooping with delight and a standing ovation was given to the bravery of the penultimate song called, Adele’s Story. Their perfect harmonies and rhythmic rhyming skills are beyond compare and finished of with vast vocal and clothing range.

Fascinating Aida are the three queens of musical comedy, bringing satire, harmony and mirth to the Royal Festival Hall. This spring they’ll be touring the UK and I thoroughly recommend you catch them while you can. This style of comedy won’t be around forever, but these ladies never go out of fashion.

Fascinating Aida will be at the Southbank Centre until the 11th of January. Get your tickets here

Full information and tour dates can be found here

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