Cooking for One

We love discovering female comedy from all over the world, so we were pleased when the New York Picture Company – who share our passion for funny women – told us about their new online show 'Cooking for One' starring Alexandra Trow as top chef Julianna Jones. 

We don't know what your kitchen habits are but perhaps cooking is a journey for you, a trip down memory lane. It is for Julianna Jones who loves to cook but finds the process hits a little close to home as she shares why she might be cooking for one and how she discovered these recipes. 

Yep, this isn't just a new comedy – in this episode you can learn how to make a quiche! The New York Picture Company goes as far as to bet that 'Cooking for One' "It may have been the first web series that legitimately teaches you how to spatchcock a cornish game hen."

Watch Julianna recreate her time in Paris through the medium of quiche here!