James Burns

James Burns


Here at Funny Women HQ we are very invested in people enjoying themselves. We would love everyone to be able to enjoy themselves laughing with women in comedy – or even having a go at comedy themselves. The new sexual consent campaign Pause Play Stop also want people to enjoy themselves, particularly when it comes to sex. A roll in the proverbial hay can be fun, it can even be a laugh (depending on what floats your boat) but only if those participating have given their clear consent. 

This Tuesday the Pause Play Stop campaign will be creating a social media Thunderclap and if you have a Twitter or Facebook account you can take part and share your enthusiasm for consent by clicking here!  

It's all part of educating people about the importance of consent for a healthy sex life. The Pause Play Stop Campaign is backed by SARSASthe Somerset and Avon rape and sexual abuse support network. Not sure about when to pause, play or stop? You can take this quiz and decide what you would do in a number of scenarios 

For more information and resources you can email info@sarsas.org.uk and order stickers, beermats (they know their audience), postcards and booklets or visit pauseplaystop.org.ukYou can follow the campaign on Twitter @PausePlayStopUK.

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