Funny Women Awards Winner – Interview with Jayde Adams

Last but certainly not least we conclude our 2014 Funny Women Awards interviews with the winner Jayde Adams who stole the show with her operatic story telling comedy. 

Funny Women: So, how does it feel to have won this year's Funny Women Awards?

Jayde Adams: It’s completely overwhelming. I don’t think it’s going to sink in for a while. Although I do know what an honour it is, not only because of the talent that has won in previous years but also knowing how strong the line up was that night. I was incredibly impressed with so many acts from the final. Well done to all of the other ladies. The feedback I’ve had from people who came was exactly that. That the whole night was smashing. 

FW: What's next for your comedy career?

JA: Since winning the Awards, I have had some very exciting meetings with various production companies and agencies and for someone who has been making YouTube videos in my onesie for the last five years, this is better than a cup of tea and a Kit Kat chunky. Peanut.

FW: Let's talk about your stage outfit for the Awards, it's fabulous, what's the thinking behind it?

JA: Two words.

My Mum.

Mum made the original nude suit in order to protect my modesty in a Kylie Minogue costume that she made, that is rather revealing. I don’t think she expected me to start wearing that outfit as an outer garment. She made me a brand new one the for the awards as a surprise because frankly, my Mum is the best.

FW: You've merged opera with comedy, but you have a background in disco dancing, any plans to combine disco with stand up?

JA: Once my cruciate ligament in my left knee is mended – I broke it doing a scissor kick to PJ and Duncan's 'Let’s Get Ready to Rhumble' at a gig – I’ll be back with disco and opera (discopera) like you ain’t never seen it before.

FW: You said in your finalist profile that you had zero confidence before the age of 21, what makes you confident now?

JA: Age and maturity, failing and learning from my mistakes, times of trouble in my personal life, trying not to saying no to anything and a lot of great sex.

FW: Any advice for people thinking about entering the Awards next year?

Just two words really.

Bring it.

Read Bruce Dessau's article on Jayde in the Evening Standard here.

Pictured: Jayde on stage and with Funny Women Awards host Katherine Ryan