James Burns

James Burns

Luisa Omielan ‘Am I Right Ladies?!

Missed Luisa Omielan's hit show 'What Would Beyonce Do?' even though we raved about it? Don't miss her new show (which we have also raved about thanks to the wonder of the preview) 'Am I Right Ladies?!' at the Soho Theatre from Tuesday 23rd September to Saturday 4th October. 

"We need more comics like Omielan: bold as brass, ambitious, proud of her gorgeous, wobbly body, and, above all else, wonderfully funny."
★★★★ The Skinny

"Omielan strikes a wonderful balance between tub-thumping for women’s rights and reinforcing her own ridiculousness."
★★★★ Scotsman

Luisa has a rare talent for merging comedy and tragedy to create a positive message for the audience to take home. 'Am I Right Ladies?!' is the perfect follow up show to her debut 'What Would Beyonce Do?' Be sure to catch Luisa before she inevitably becomes a massive comedy star. 

For more information click here!

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