James Burns

James Burns

Comedy Shorts and Writing Award Shortlists announced!

It's Awards Shortlist day at Funny Women HQ! Thanks to all the amazingly talented film makers and script writers who entered this year. Not only have you made us laugh, but you've helped raise thousands of pounds for domestic violence charity, Refuge. Well done!

Our panel of judges will be deciding the overall winner of both categories this afternoon, so not too long to wait! The creators of the top three scripts and films will be invited to join us at the Funny Women Awards Final next Monday 22nd September at the Leicester Square Theatre in Central London, and the overall winners in both categories will be announced on the night.

Our judges include award winning director of 'Bend It Like Beckham', Gurinder Chadha, Vice President of Development and Production at Comedy Central, Lourdes Diaz, Editor of the Huffington Post Comedy UK, Andrea Mann, and Creative Director of The Comedy Unit, Gavin Smith.



Ashes To Ashes by Aurora Fearnley

Denise Presents… by Alexis Strum

Hot Air by Sahra Bhimji

Paula Bear by LetLuce

Rugged Rock HQ by Katy Poulter

Size Matters by Katie Pritchard

Snack Saver by Susannah Hewlitt

Stranger Danger by AD Cooper

There Comes A Time by Francesca Sewell

Time Again by Sally Cancello



Chorus by Natalie Willbe

In These Shoes by Sophie Fletcher and Megan Heffernan

Knockers by Anuska Tanna

On The Shelf by Kate Hinksman

Paper Cups by Amanda Richardson

Single Young Professionals by Joanne Lau


The top three in each category will be announced very soon – watch this space!

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