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James Burns

How to achieve redemption as a Scot

Performance artist Rachael Clerke is taking her show 'How to achieve redemption as a Scot' through the medium of 'Braveheart' to Edinburgh Fringe this year. The show is one of the winners of this year's IdeasTap Underbelly Award.

In keeping with Rachael's Scottish theme she made a video parodying the Scottish Government's advert to promote Homecoming Scotland 2009. The video cost £559,287, even without paying the singers who participated! The ad was voted by travel site Wanderlust as one of the worst tourism adverts ever made. You can see the original advert here. 

Rachael's version cost £150 to make. She also chose not to pay any of the singers. It was edited by filmmaker and photographer Paul Samuel White and filmed by Kristina Nitsolova and Adrian Spring. 


When Rachael showed this video to her dad, he asked who she’d got to play the different singers. Thus, to avoid any confusion here is the cast list below in case you want to look up any of the singers. 

Amy MacDonald – Rachael Clerke

Chris Hoy – Rachael Clerke

Brian Cox – Rachael Clerke

Sam Torrance – Rachael Clerke

Eddi Reader – Rachael Clerke

Kelly Brown and Thom Evans – Rachael Clerke and Rachael Clerke

Sandi Thom – Rachael Clerke

Sir Sean Connery – Rachael Clerke

Lulu – Rachael Clerke

Don't worry, we too were taken in by the breath-taking prosthetics and make up.

Follow Rachael on Twitter @rachaelclerke and be sure to use the hashtag #howtobraveheart

Pictured: No, it's not Sean Connery but Rachael Clerke! 

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