Edinburgh Fringe Preview Shout Out

Are you making the journey up to the Edinburgh Fringe to perform this year? Have you read this guide and think you can crack the Fringe like nobody else before? If you're a funny woman who is planning to so some stand up in Scotland or readying yourself to pound the Royal Mile to promote a comedy show you're in with some other funny ladies than we want to hear from you. 

We especially want to hear from you if you are of the opinion the practice makes perfect and are putting on some previews of your Edinburgh show. We will post them in our You Might Like section, or even come and watch the show before its Fringe debut… 

Drop us a line with your press release including the date, time, venue, price and a synopsis of the show and an image to promote your preview dates to editor@funnywomen.com

James Burns
James Burns
James is the web developer for Funny Women. If you're reading this bio, it means we don't have any information as to who wrote this article! How mysterious.

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