James Burns

James Burns

Cracking the Fringe

It is a challenge for all those who encounter it. Whether you're just going to watch shows or putting them on the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is quite the trial. Whatever you're doing at the festival you'll laugh, you'll cry and you'll probably end up eating chips in the wee hours. 

However! Now there is a guide to all those wishing to crack Edinburgh written by a pair of Fringe veterans to help you navigate the biggest art festival in the world. Jon Gracey (formerly of sketch comedy group The Beta MalesChortle nominees, BBC Radio 4) and Viv Egan (shortlisted for the 2011 Allen Wright Award) have combined their expertise with that of other Edinburgh survivors, performers, venue staff and press to create 'Cracking the Fringe: a new guide to blitzing the Edinburgh Fringe Festival'

The how-to guide helps you with tips on how to market your show properly, lose as little money as possible (this is a realistic guide) deal with press and access the support available to you, so even as a newbie you can get the best out of the festival. 

"I love it! The chatty style makes it super easy to read and it's loaded up with excellence. Really wish I'd had it before I went the first time." Brydie Lee-Kennedy, comedian

"I can see this becoming the definitive insider's guide." Richard Stamp, Editor, FringeGuru

“Better than a Lonely Planet guide” Chris Harcum, New York-based theatre maker

But wait! There's more, 'Cracking the Fringe' is more than just a book, there’s a series of discounts and bonuses available to readers who sign up for the Fringe with Benefits packages, including discounts on printing with veteran Fringe printers Tenfold, advertising with Fringe publication FringeReview and deals with graphic designer Michelle Allen and theatre and television composer Jonny Sims, plus monthly emails and Skype calls with the authors.

The book is available for order via Amazon in both paperback and Kindle edition, as well as a digital download via www.crackingthefringe.com You can follow Cracking the Fringe on Twitter @FringeCracker

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