James Burns

James Burns

Does Beyonce Know?

Last night Luisa Omielan was ill. She considered cancelling her show 'What Would Beyonce Do?' at the Soho Theatre. Then she thought: “What would Beyonce do?” Well I think we all know what Beyonce would do, as Luisa pointed out Beyonce carries on even if she gets her hair caught in a fan. The show must go on.

Of course a comedy show audience is always vibrant, attractive and fun looking. But Luisa's audience is something else. As we walked in to the theatre a Celine Dion track was playing and a man behind me threw his head back and sang along with gusto. This audience was ready for a party and Luisa was ready to be the hostess with the mostess.

Luisa's show is rich in accents, anecdotes and a bit of twerking (Miley's got nothing on Luisa). The show is supposedly about a break up from a relationship. However Luisa manages to relate all of Beyonce's hits to her mother's Polishness, depression, an absent father, suicide, moving back home at 30 and sibling poo.

We learnt that thou art Bootylicious, which can sometimes make the art of leaving a room naked after a one night stand tricky. Luisa holds no truck with waiting for the man to leave his man cave – boy texting politics is null and void because on her price plan texts are free.

Just like a Beyonce album it's all hard-hitting, life lesson stuff that Luisa has bounced back from because she is a diva, which is a female version of a hustla. We negotiated what constitutes an independent woman – if you bought your own leggings, you're in.

If you love Beyonce and a sing-along you will fall crazy in love with this show, particularly if you know the 'Single Ladies' dance. So, now we know what Beyonce would do what we want to know is does Beyonce know about this show? 

You can catch Luisa's show 'What Would Beyonce Do?' at the Soho Theatre until Saturday 11 January 2014, for more information click HERE

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