Not Just A Laughing Matter: Comedy sites In The Real World

The World Wide Web has long been a haven for all things comedy related – since about the early 90’s, really. Alongside giving comedians a platform to show their stuff on sites like Twitter, Facebook and Youtube, the last decade has seen the rise of several major websites with a focus solely on all things comedy related. Whether you’re an avid watcher of sitcoms, a fan of a particular comedian or even a budding stand up yourself, sites like the British Comedy Guide, Chortle, and, of course, Funny Women are often high on the bookmarks list. They offer a range of accessible and instant resources to their users – whether people engage to see the latest news, chat to other fans or even promote their own work.

However, it’s becoming increasingly rare for websites to keep their presence solely restricted to cyberspace. With so many opportunities to comment and collaborate within the comedy industry, it’s hardly a surprise that some of the biggest and best comedy sites are as active in the real world as they are behind the screen. If you’re keen to know more about any aspect of the industry, why not check out some of these great events and see what the teams behind your favourite Internet haunts are up to?

The Big Comedy Conference: British Comedy Guide
30th November, 9am – 11pm, The Old Sessions House, Clerkenwell

The British Comedy Guide website is a phenomenal resource, and one of the best places to check out the latest news and commentary on all things hilarious. It’s hardly surprising that their upcoming event, The Big Comedy Conference, is a great place to head if you want an in-depth and action-packed introduction to the world of comedy.

Al Murray and Jo Brand are amongst the long list of names dropping by to share their advice on every aspect of the comedy world, but we’re excited to see some familiar faces onboard too – including Huffington Post Comedy Editor Andrea Mann and 2009 Funny Women Awards finalist Sara Pascoe. The Big Comedy Conference incorporates 40 professionals taking over 12 sessions throughout the day, coming from all kinds of different areas within the industry. They’ll be answering all of the important questions – including getting an agent, building an audience for your internet work, kickstarting a comedy writing career and building a profile as a performer.

If you’ve ever considered a career in comedy – or just want to know a little more about how some of the most successful people get started – this is definitely not an event to miss!

For more information and to book tickets, click HERE.

Chortle Comedy Book Festival
22nd – 29th November, Ealing (various venues)

As a guide to all things comedy, Chortle is about as comprehensive as it gets. With all the latest industry news, a ‘who’s who’ of comedians and even a forum to connect to other comedy enthusiasts, it’s one of the first ports of call for anyone wishing to know a bit more about the comedy world.

Chortle is also the brains behind the UK’s very first Comedy Book Festival, which is currently running in venues all over Ealing. With 23 events taking place over 8 days, and with names such as Jack Whitehall, Robin Ince and Funny Women Awards 2012 finalist Viv Groskop joining the bill, it’s an event that truly celebrates an eclectic mix of comedy-based literature.

Although the Festival is in full swing, there’s still a couple of days of exciting events still to come. If like us, you love a good read as much as a good laugh, make sure you head along and check it out!

For more information and to book tickets, click HERE.

Funny Women Workshop Weekend
8th – 9th February, Union Club, Soho

As an organization that promotes female comedy, we’re often asked to analyse and commentate on the industry from a gender-based stance. And of course there’s a lot to be said on that very subject – after all, Funny Women was set up to support and encourage women in what can often be a very male-orientated industry. However, it’s the comedy itself that’s still our primary focus and what we’re most excited by is anything that makes us laugh – male or female, sketch or stand-up, cerebral or just downright silly! What do audiences find funny, and why? What have we seen and loved that we want to tell people about? And more importantly, how can we support and develop people who want to get involved in the industry?

We’re delighted to back again for another Workshop Weekend this coming February – this time at the Union Club in Soho. Our lineup of tutors includes Gavin Smith, Creative Director of Business and Development for the Comedy Unit, who’ll be leading a session on How To Write A Comedy Script. He’ll be joined by Funny Women Awards Best Show Award winner Alex Maher, who’ll be running a workshop on creating comedy characters; 2012 finalist Lucy Frederick, who’s Stand Up to Stand Out workshop will allow participants to develop their stand up skills; and Funny Women executive producer Lynne Parker, who’ll be sharing some pearls of wisdom in How to produce and promote a show.

Feeling excited? Tickets are already in sale – head over to our What’s On page to snap up yours before they all go! If you become our BFF you get a whopping £100 off the price of the Weekend Workshop ticket!

For more information and to book tickets, click HERE.

Do you often turn to sites dedicated to comedy for your fix of all things funny? Why not see what they’re doing the other side of the screen and check out one of the brilliant events listed above? Perhaps we’ve missed an exciting occasion run by one of your favourite sites? Let us know in the comments below!

Pictured: Jo Brand who makes an appearance at the Big Comedy Conference presented by the British Comedy Guide on Saturday 30th November.