New Comedy Writers – Ones To Watch

With the Funny Women Awards done and dusted for another year, and the official Comedy Writing Award winner Cassie Pope announced, we'd like to recognise the incredible array of new writing talent we've had the pleasure of reading, but who didn't quite make it through this year. We think they're a talented bunch, and we very much look forward to seeing more of their work in the future.

Look out for these names – they're set for big things!

Claudine Toutoungi   
Elizabeth Adlington   
Gina Gough   
Idil Sukan   
Jackie Mcgeown   
Jane Poslethwaite   
Jane Walker   
Kirsty Marshall   
Kit Perkins
Lisa Mcmullin   
Lucinda Bertrand
Lucy Cox   
Lucy Freeman   
Mathildia Gregory   
Nicola Morgan and Jenny Laville 
Sarah Christou   
Sarah Thomas   
Sian Rowland   
Tanya Meditzky   
Tanya Phillips
Tara Gladden 

Look out for news of our Comedy Writing Workshops – coming soon.  If you would like us to send details as soon as they are announced, please email

Pictured: 2013 Comedy Writing Award winner, Cassie Pope comes on stage to collect her prize.

James Burns
James Burns
James is the web developer for Funny Women. If you're reading this bio, it means we don't have any information as to who wrote this article! How mysterious.

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