James Burns

James Burns


Social media has become a powerful tool for comedians of all trades, whether that comes in the form of the observational stylings of facebook, or the pun based heaven that is twitter. Funny Women is here to report on our latest discovery, bytestories.com, a new platform for you to share your funniest (true) stories with the world. For any comedians out there, this website gives you the chance to flex your writing muscles when retelling your 'byte-sized' tales, viewed by the public and given feedback on a star rating system. Accessible at home or on your commute, you can submit your stories at the touch of a button. 

Check out some examples of some particularly funny women who have got involved: Jennifer Burke (comedian) | Becky Lucas (comedian) | Torre De Roche (author)

It’s been online for just 12 months and they’ve recently gained a regular spot on the Huffington Post (UK), so there's no telling what audience your stories will attract, or who you may discover. So go on, take those early steps to writing that autobiography of yours and start sharing. 

Click here to learn more, or send an email tothepeople@bytestories.com if you have any questions about getting started.


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