James Burns

James Burns

Funny Women Awards semi-finalists announced!

Phew! It's been a long road, but we're finally here! The time has come to announce the 50 hilarious acts going through to the semi-finals of the Funny Women Awards 2013.

We've seen over 200 acts including comedy poets, self-harming wizards, bag ladies, clowns, burlesque acts, faded french film stars, ladies hit over the head with home-made giant cotton buds, not to mention a bonanza of ukuleles (or whatever the collective noun is for ukuleles). 

The entries have been truly international, with performers hailing from as far afield as Australia, Iceland, Greece, America, Spain, Canada, and the wonderfully wacky ones seemingly from another planet entirely!

So without further ado, here are the 50 semi-finalists of the Funny Women Awards 2013….

Al Story   
Alexis Wieroniey   
Alison Spittle   
Annabel O'Connell   
Becky Brunning   
Bethan Roberts   
Bisha Ali   
Catherine Sandland   
Cecilia Delatori   
Celia Byrne   
Christiane O'Mahony   
Courtney Cornfield   
Debra Fayter   
Denise Cassar   
Dolly Slatemen- Original Pub Landlady   
Dotty Winters  
Elf Lyons   
Georgia Thorp   
Hannah Silvester   
Ivy Paige   
Jane Postlethwaite   
Jo Public   
Julie Jones   
Katie Lane   
Lauren Pattison   
Liz Peters    
Mairead O'Connell   
Mandy Dassa   
Mercedes Benson   
Miranda Dawe   
Nicola Redman   
Njambi McGrath   
Rachel Gleaves   
Rachel Slater   
Revan And Fennell   
Sandi Smith   
Saskia Preston   
Sindhu V   
Steph Peart   
Stephen- Boy Wizard   
Tash Alexander   
Thanyia Moore   
Thea Downie   
Tina Tea Lady   
Twisted Loaf     
Victoria Blunt   
Vivienne Acheampong   
Zuma Puma

For those who didn't get through this year, the consolation is that the standard was incredibly high and we will continue to support and provide a relaxed environment for women to explore and develop their comedic talent.

Please come along and support the acts who will now perform again over the next few weeks – there is a full list of semi-final dates HERE


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