James Burns

James Burns

Ian Marshall for Refuge

Ian Marshall is the Managing Director of Benefit Cosmetics UK.

When asked to describe himself Ian told us: "As a man who works in the very giddy, girlie world of beauty- I have a sharp appreciation of my place in the overall scheme [of] things. In the hours I manage to escape from this world I seek the company of my favourite people and my sweet natured, hairy hound. I cook tasty food, pour fine wines…and choose the perfect musical backdrop. I am a passionate, know-it-all control freak. My daughter would say I am preposterous and she's always spot on."

Ian will be mentored by Funny Women Awards 2012 winner Gabby Best and will be raising funds for Refuge.

Refuge supports and campaigns for over 2,000 women and children suffering from the effects of domestic violence on any given day. The charity achieves this through their helpline, their social work network or refuges as a supportive sanctuary.

Hear more about the charity from both the organisation itself and celebrity patrons on Refuge’s website HERE, and you can sponsor Ian HERE. You can also follow Ian on Twitter HERE and read his blog post about the Challenge HERE.

Ian recently sent this out to those on his mailing list…


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