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Me and My Big Mouth by Phillipa Fordham

The subterranean Leicester Square Theatre Studio was packed with friends and newcomers for Philippa Fordham’s latest gig “Me and My Big Mouth.” Hush descended as a pom-pom wielding cheerleader appeared seeking to win over the Dragon’s Den with her proposed business providing cheering-leading services for funerals. What followed for those unfamiliar with Philippa’s inspirational humour was a non-stop medley of hilarious characters – all so recognisable amongst friends and family. 

From a nappy-filling two year old having dolls’ tea parties, to a hard-selling pen saleswoman, via a hospital radio ham, the characters are unique and well-drawn. We meet innocent Roberta, who whilst looking for a travelling companion, seems the least likely character to dabble in incest and pole-dancing, then Polish Nadia interrupts the show with her wonderful command of English and left us the details for her website – but didn’t she mean forward slash not slag?!

Perhaps the most jaw-achingly funny was the fitness fanatic who danced and exercised her way between several of the characters causing the audience to crease up with laughter at her unbridled dedication.  The finale of a preacher promoting The Book with its answers to all life’s difficult pathways (the tome, we discover, is the humble A to Z,) over the Satanic influences of Sat Nav and Google was probably all the side-splitting laughter the audience could cope with in one go!

Any moaning, menopausal women who think life has passed them by should go and see this show; but this is not just for them, it is a fun-filled show for all!  Phillipa’s next gig at the Leicester Square Theatre is on Wednesday 20th March. As one theatre-goer remarked as he left, the show was “fantastic, absolutely bonkers!” What better tribute could you get? I thought it was brilliant…although there is bound to be someone out there who doesn’t get it!

Vicky Peirson was a Challenger in the Comedy Challenge for The Victoria Foundation at Cannizaro House.

Pictured: Phillipa Fordham