James Burns

James Burns

Comedy Writing Award final three announced

After an intense judging session the final three scripts have been shortlisted for the Comedy Writing Awards. In a first for Funny Women, we have a comedy writer who has been shortlisted twice- once for a solo penned piece, and once for a jointly penned script.

'The Locker Room' by Sarah Courtauld and Kate Davies is a sketch show with a sharply observed, contemporary edge as well as a few surreal twists. Read about what Sarah and Kate think of being through to the final HERE

'The Slush Pile' by Sarah Courtauld is an office comedy set in possibly the world's worst publishers with a host of fabulously drawn characters. Read about what Sarah thinks of being through to the final HERE

'Profit and Loss' by Vanessa Strowger and Katherine Bennett is a comedy set in a funeral home that grades each customer on their likelihood of bringing in repeat business. The show has elements of slapstick and situational comedy. Read about what Vanessa and Katherine think of being through to the final HERE

If you have tickets we look forward to seeing you on the night to see who wins!

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