Funny Women Awards 2012 Finalist – Sofie Hagen

If you want to get that true Sofie experience, say the below in a full Danish accent….

" When I was asked to write 100 words about what being in the final of Funny Women means to me, I shivered. First and foremost, because I have no idea how much 100 words is. Is this it? ‘Cause then I have failed to live up to your expectations of this piece of text. Being in the final means that I am one of the few lucky people in the world who is actually good at something I love to do. Funny Women have made me aware of that, and in that way, I feel like I have already won. Oh, and my act consists of jokes. I would like to explain more, but I’m pretty sure I’ve exceeded my allowed amount of words. This tells you that I am also quite a rebel."