James Burns

James Burns

Simon Cowell praises Confident Queen


We always love to hear news from past contestants who've taken part in the Funny Women Awards.  This is from Genny Jones, Confident Queen, who took part in our Crouch End heat last year.

"Since I took part in the Funny Women Awards last year, I took on board the feedback which was very valuable and constructive as I had never dome anything like that in front of a live unknown audience. I really did enjoy it!

"My friend thought I should take my Confident Queen Act onto Britain's Got Talent. Amazingly, I was selected to perform in front of the judges at the Cardiff auditions. I am quite excited as they have shown a bit of my act on ITV2, and I am hoping my audition will then be shown on ITV1 as it was in the trailer for this week's show!"

Simon Cowell said of her act that he can't get enough of her songs about believing in yourself. "If I was producing Daybreak, I'd have you on every morning.  I'm serious," he continues. "I'm prepared to phone a friend of mine.  You could read the news and present the weather. The world needs Genny!"

Genny, who hails from Gravesend, kept the crowds with her singing and rapping, while wearing heart-shaped sunglasses, a belly dancing skirt and a cowboy hat – described by one newspaper as 'a wardrobe that's even sunnier than her personality'.

Look out for Genny on Britain's Got Talent over the next couple of weeks and see more about her HERE and HERE.




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