Where Are They Now – Andi Osho


Since winning at Funny Women, Andi has been one busy lady, bulking up her TV and radio résumé with regular appearances on Stand Up For the Week, Mock The Week and Tonightly. She can add ‘amazing Michael Jackson impersonator ‘to her repertoire of skills after a star turn on last year’s Let’s Dance for Comic Relief. Whose bad? Not Andi – she’s really good!

How did it feel to be crowned by Funny Women in 2007?

I was very new to stand up then, so it was pretty mega. I'd only been going a few months so it felt like winning a BAFTA. Luckily I didn't do a Winslet and sob into my shirt sleeve about loving my mum.

How has your comedy career changed since winning the award?

I suppose it made me think perhaps I should take this comedy lark seriously. There's money in the funny.

What joke or moment set you apart from the other finalists when you won?

You're asking the wrong person. On the night it could have been any one of four of us going up to collect the award. Lots of the comics on the bill had great gigs. I just got lucky. A different night, different judges could have produced a different outcome. I think Winslet knows this.

Who do you think is the ultimate funny woman?

Don't make me choose!

Out of all the previous Funny Women winners, who is the funniest?

Ummm. Don't make me choose!

What does 2012 hold in store for you?

Lots of hard work and broken New Year’s Resolutions 

The Funny Women Awards are ten years old this year. What you were doing ten years ago?

I was living my previous life working in TV post production. Ah, those were the days, when I knew what I was doing.


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Mary Doyle