Where Are They Now- Katherine Ryan


Since winning, Canadian comic Katherine Ryan  has been busy gigging all over the place, starring in Channel 4’s comedy series Campus and being a mum.

How did it feel to be crowned by Funny Women in 2008?

I was happy and really surprised.  The audience was also surprised.

How has your comedy career changed since winning the award?

I had just started stand-up comedy when I won the award, and loads has changed since then.  Funny Women provided me with lots of friends, advice, and exposure but I mucked up the momentum by growing a little baby person inside of me.  I had to take a break, but it wasn’t long before I was able to start gigging more on the circuit and was cast in Channel 4’s comedy series, Campus alongside Funny Women alumni and very respected friend, Sara Pascoe.

Who do you think is the ultimate funny woman?

Easy answer:  Caitlin Moran.  In her columns, in her book, on Twitter, on TV, in life.  Caitlin Moran ALL F**KING DAY.

Katherine Ryan: Glam Role Model
Katherine Ryan: Glam Role Model

Out of all the previous Funny Women winners, who is the funniest?

Comedy competitions are a great way to get talented performers together for a spirited showcase, but we all know the ‘winner’ on the night isn’t necessarily the best.  Like my mum always said, ‘thank goodness we all like different things or else we’d all be married to your father.’  It’s a wonderful competition and most of the women in it are very funny.

The Funny Women Awards are ten years old this year. What you were doing ten years ago?

Ten years ago I was ruining lives at my high school, living with my parents and dating a conservative hockey player who always asked “why I had to say such stupid things in front of people.”  It was bliss.

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Mary Doyle