James Burns

James Burns

Variety is winning formula as Ladies Live Longer


Ladies Live Longer is a collaboration between Victoria Temple-Morris and Louise Fitzgerald. Together they've won our Variety Award in partnership with the Leicester Square Theatre.  Here's their story.

"In May of this year we ladies sat in Victoria’s kitchen, glass of red wine in each hand (always four on the go!) and thought that we had jolly well better start writing something we could actually show to other people other than just to the reflection of ourselves in the window! 13 months prior to this moment we got together on the premise of writing a screen play. We wrote it all and laughed out loud at our hysterically funny script. When we read it again (sober) well…..

"Then, somehow, and we are still not quite sure how, it came to pass. We fell into adapting songs and entwining melodies around female characters… On a whim and our second-ever performance together we entered the Funny Women Awards and were absolutely delighted, in fact dumb founded, to find ourselves in the Semi Finals.  We were even more flabbergasted (after a very nerve racking X Factor style pause) to discover we made it to the ACTUAL FINAL!!!

"We had a fantastic evening. We truly felt every performer shone and were quite easily deserving of a prize. It didn’t enter our minds to be in contention, we were just honoured to be asked and proud to perform with a great bunch of girls. Well done to all the worthy winners, in particular Lara who by the way looks hot in a flesh coloured bra! You all think you saw the best of her on stage – not so!  

"Well done to Funny Women on a great night for such a worthy cause."

Ladies Live Longer


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