James Burns

James Burns

Comedy Writing Award Finalist: Lucy Trodd


I’m originally from Luton. My dad is an ornithologist and wildlife journalist. My mum used to be a hairdresser but retrained as a teacher. They now run a birdwatching B&B. I live with my wonderful actor husband and hilarious one-year-old giant boy in North London.

Whilst studying Performing Arts at Middlesex University my most influential module was writing stage plays. But afterwards I got distracted and worked at The Jazz Café, and for many years in advertising  (as part of work course, I had a short play performed at Soho Theatre- that’s when I really got the bug). I also wrote some topical sketches which were performed in News Revue. Studying improvisation under the brilliant tutelage of Ken Campbell I appeared at the Royal Court with him and travelled to Edmonton, Canada to perform their 53 hour non-stop improvised soap. I am a founder member of Showstopper! The Improvised Musical.

Currently I am co-running a new material night, Newborn Comedy at The Leicester Square Theatre, and working as a part-time financial administrator in a design company.

I am absolutely delighted and thankful to be short-listed for the Funny Women Writing Awards. I’ve seen many friends and peers rise to success through the support of Funny Women. It makes me feel proud to stand up and be counted among them. It inspires me to keep writing, and persevere with other film and TV ideas. The nomination makes me smile when I’m lugging a baby (and many bags) up flights of stairs, or sitting in an office chasing invoices and eating too many biscuits.  

Lucy Trodd


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