Sky Funny Women Comedy Writing Award Announced!


After dozens of submissions the Sky and Funny Women teams have narrowed it down to three finalists who have been invited to attend the Final of the Funny Women Awards where the winner will be announced. We received a lot of interesting and funny scripts that showed a lot of promise, but the following three writers stood apart from the rest.

Congratulations to:

Elise Bramich – 'Front'

Christine Robertson – 'Kong Requiem'

Lucy Trodd – 'Twitching'

Honourable mention to:

Sarah Coutauld and Kate Davies -' Kill Me Now'

East End Cabaret – 'The Attic'

Heidi Regan – 'Death by Shark'

Well done again to everyone who entered. Many of the scripts we received showed a lot of promise, and actually finishing and completing a script puts all the entrants streets ahead of most. Do come along to the Final to find out who the winner is!

Funny Women Team