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James Burns

Roisin Conaty: Destiny’s Dickhead – Review


Crude, crass, confident, cockney Conaty. Within seconds of Roisin Conaty entering the room she's said f**k twice. I'm no prude and swear myself, but it was distracting and off putting as it set the tone for the entire gig with the cherry on the cake as she threw in the C word midway for bad measure.

Despite losing some of the crowd, Roisin demonstrates bravery with her interaction and participation with quick, clever answers to clearly unrehearsed situations and it seemed males above the age of 50 found Conaty bloody hilarious. Her brain works so fast and she speaks too fast, so some of the jokes were lost with her thick, urban, London accent and sheer speed. Very frustrating. 

"Destiny's Dickhead" has glimpses of excellent writing worthy of last year's Fosters Comedy Award Best Newcomer, and her view on life as a single woman aged 32 and her take on Internet dating stuck had the most resonance: "The faces scream out at me: 'love me, love me,'"and she compared on-line profiles of potentail suitors to "those posters of lost cats pinned to lamp posts." This is a bloody brilliant take on Internet dating that seriously questions the integrity of dating websites which play on the necessity of an ideal 'love match' as the benchmark for being a successful human being.  Roisin makes the point that we're not all sad and desperate for love!

Last year saw Roisin at the top of her tree as a female comic so she has the profile. It's all about knowing your audience and, on this occasion, she almost lost them. 

 Show details: 5:45pm Pleasance Courtyard – details HERE.

Rating: Funny WomenFunny Women

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