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Amisha Ghadiali

Amisha Ghadiali 1


We were delighted that Amisha Ghadiali will be stepping up to the Funny Women Charity Challenge on 8th March with only two weeks to rehearse!

Amisha discovered the reality of our global fashion industry when setting up her jewellery label. This put her on a mission to bring awareness to the politics of dressing in an increasingly throwaway world. Her current projects include hosting the Future Fashion series with Soho House, 12 Rules to Dress By (her guide to a sustainable wardrobe) and writing for a number of publications as well as her blog Elegance Rebellion. Amisha’s work has been recognised by selection to the Cultural Leadership Programme in 2011, the Courvoisier Future 500 and a Future 100 award. She also set up radical think tank, Think Act Vote (?!X) in 2010, which explores the new and creative ways we can and are shaping our future lives and communities. Think Act Vote will release it’s collaborative book, The Futures Project in May this year.

Before theChallenge, Amisha said:

"Never knowingly funny, I am absolutely terrified at stepping into the Challenge. But the beauty of life is often in saying yes to the things that make you want to hide under your duvet for the rest of time. My work has always been about pushing outside the boundaries of how we normally see or do something, and so I am embracing the opportunity to do this for myself. It’s an honour to be able to support Womankind Worldwide in the process, as the work they do is vital in today’s world."

Amisha is raising funds for WomanKind and is supported by Ogunte.

She spoke to Womankind about preparing for the Challenge HERE and this is what she said after taking part:

"A week before the event I didn't know what I was going to do it about or how I was going to pull this off. With a little determination, and great support from Funny Women and friends, I got something together. I am used to doing talks with a serious nature, and I actually found it really liberating to speak with the goal or making people laugh instead of making them think. I enjoyed it so much, I did three performances last week instead of one. I can definitely feel the good it has done for my confidence. Through this experience, I really did learn that you can do anything that you put your mind to. I don’t think this is the last you see of the funny side of me."

You can read more about her experience on Amisha's blog HERE and see her in action here:


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