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Domestic Goddi at Leicester Square Theatre

Domestic Goddi at Leicester Square Theatre 1


Domestic Goddi presented an evening of character and sketch comedy at Leicester Square Theatre this week. Made up of the threesome Helen O'Brien, Rosie Wilkinson and Genevieve Swallow, these ladies are consummate character actresses with a gift for physical comedy and accents.

A jam-packed hour made up of highlights from past Edinburgh shows, they took particular enjoyment in juxtaposing the modern and slick with the old and domestic, while also displaying some impressive dancing and physical comedy along the way.

The myriad of sketches had a few particular highlights. A sketch about pandas protesting the forced extraction of their reproductive materials (Which is putting it delicately...also could have gone with 'Panda Rape' but decided against it.) which could have come straight from a BBC Radio 4 sketch show. There were echoes of 'The Four Yorkshiremen' with a couple of grannies competing over who has the most miserable life. It also featured a personal favourite from a recent Funny Women showcase with the return of Mrs. Manning, the widow of Bernard Manning, who was keeping her late husband's comedy engagements. The series of increasingly distressed reactions to the words coming out of her own mouth got some of the largest laughs of the night.

Also noteworthy were the pre-recorded advert spoofs used as transitions between sketches. These worked brilliantly both to give a sense of cohesion to a broad range of sketches and to ensure that the show as slick as it was funny.

Andrea Miller

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