Funny Women Awards


Whether you’re a comedy performer, aspiring sitcom writer or film maker, the Funny Women Awards want to celebrate, support and showcase your talent!

*Watch this space for news of the 2017 Funny Women Awards*

The Funny Women Awards have been going since 2003, and we’re happy to be the launchpad for so many talented comedians, writers and short film makers. Whether you’re a stand-up, sketch group, script writer or just like making funny YouTube films with your mates, we’re all about celebrating your talent and putting you in front of the right people for it to truly shine.

Check out and enter our award categories below….


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Stage Award

For the best new comedy performer (s). From stand-ups to impressionists, sketch groups to character and musical acts - all are welcome, so long as it's funny!

Comedy Writing Award

Not everyone likes the limelight, so for those funny women who prefer writing comedy behind the scenes, we give them a chance to shine with a prize including intensive mentoring and script optioning with award winning production company, The Comedy Unit.

Comedy Shorts Award

Aspiring comedy film maker? We want to shine a light on you talented ladies who just love producing online content.

Previous Winners

All Winners and Finalists

We’ve had the great pleasure of seeing so many talented comedians through the years. Check out the full list of all the winners and finalists…

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Andi Osho, 2007

“I suppose it made me think perhaps I should take this comedy lark seriously. There’s money in the funny.”

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Debra Jane Appelby, 2005

“The award got me to Edinburgh which got me noticed, which got me a wonderful agent who I’m still with today. It opened a lot of doors.”

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Gabby Best, 2012

“Winning the competition has opened so many doors – and better still has given me the confidence to walk through them. If in doubt, please give it a go. You will find friends, encouragement and complimentary eye shadow at every stage…”

Jayde Adams, 2014

“Funny Women have been supportive of me even before the I won the competition. I signed with my first agent after the award and it’s all down to the amazing team who have always been rooting for me. Funny Women in Brighton at the Komedia is also one of my favourite gigs. Long may they last!”

Katherine Ryan, 2008

“Comedy competitions are a great way to get talented performers together for a spirited showcase”

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Lara A King, 2011

“It’s incredible. It’s proved I can do it, I can do comedy.”

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Miss London, 2009

“When they announced my name [at the Funny Women Awards in 2009] I bawled like Alexandra Burke when she won The X Factor. My motto? Good things come to those who waitress!”

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Sally Cancello, Comedy Shorts Award Winner 2014

“Thanks again for all you do, I have felt really supported by Funny Women and I’m so pleased that I sent my film into the awards!” Sally Cancello, 2014 Comedy Shorts Winner

Sarah Adams, 2003

“I won the first award show and no one knew what Funny Women would become!”

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Suzy Bennett, 2006

“To have the title ‘Winner Funny Women Awards’ meant promoters had confidence in booking me when they hadn’t heard of me before.”

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Thankless Child, 2010

“Funny Women definitely led to opportunities we wouldn’t have had otherwise.”

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Zoe Lyons, 2004

“When you are starting out in comedy it is a good feeling to get confirmation that you are OK at it.”

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Desiree Burch, 2015

Twisted Loaf, 2013