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Funny Women and Gilded Balloon bring you a feast of comedy, interviews and highlights featuring the best of the fest with a different host and line up every day.

Today’s host is Natalie Allison with guests Erin Barry, Maria Shehata, Annie Sertich and Heidi Regan.

Natalie Allison is a Scottish comedian, producer and host who has welcomed some of the finest names to the London and Edinburgh stages.  Join her as she provides an authentic Scot’s welcome, enjoy hilarious performances and find out how how our guests found their unique comedy voice.    @NatalieAlliso

“Watch out for this bold, unapologetic star of the future – hilarious and gorgeous in equal measure!”  

Lynne Parker, Founder and Chief Executive Funny Women UK

“Funny, fierce and ferociously charming.  Natalie Allison is one to watch!”    Hannah Marie Williams, Backstage UK

Having moved 5,437 miles for love, award-winning Egyptian-American comedian Maria Shehata presents her debut hour of playfully sardonic stand-up. Charmingly conversational and brutally honest, Maria divulges the realities of giving up a glamorous LA lifestyle to discover that saying ‘I moved here for you’ does not win every argument. Winner: Best Comedian at Hollywood Festival of New Cinema and Best Comedy at the Miami Web Fest.

‘Maria Shehata has a Janeane Garofalo-type swagger to her, both funny and entertaining’ (LA Times)

‘Maria is my favourite little Egyptian’ (Jim Gaffigan)

Annie Sertich – Silicon Valley (HBO), Shameless (Showtime), Groundlings Main Company – performed her  heartbreakingly hilarious, sold-out show ‘How Not to Kill Yourself for 30 Days and the Next 330…’  to rave reviews in NYC and LA and now brings it to the Edinburgh Fringe.   Directed by SNL’s Michaela Watkins.

‘Annie Sertich is a revelation.  This show had me on the edge of my seat; you absolutely cannot guess where the story goes! It’s ultimately about hanging on to your sanity, taking out the trash, and rebuilding your life. Inspirational!’ (Wendi McClendon-Cavey, Bridesmaids)

‘Hilarious and touchingly honest. And well-crafted at that’ (Jim Rash, Community)

Heidi Regan comedian has been writing comedy for over ten years.   She moved to London from Australia nine years ago but that’s neither here nor there.   Heidi has written in many formats but she never had the slightest interest in stand up, due to a lifelong fear of public speaking and bats (bats aren’t related to stand up but it felt so cleansing to admit the first fear she wants to get all her fears off her chest now – her third and most recent fear is talking about herself in the first person).   She got over her stage fright when she saw a saying ‘Good things come to those who wait. greater things come to those who get up off their ASS and do anything to make it happen,’ and last year won the So You Think You’re Funny Comedy Award 2016 and this year has just received the BBC New Comedy Award 2017.

Erin Barry is originally from Detroit Michigan and her set explores the neuroses of the female mind, cultural assimilation, politics and other observations on being an Expat.

“Funny Women celebrates women finding their voice in comedy. It’s flying the flag for funny and has launched amazing careers. It’s a joyous thing.” Stylist

“Loving what you’re doing for women – you are class acts!” Backstage

And as if that isn’t enough, we’ll also be asking you to help us raise awareness of #PeriodPoverty. Bring a packet of tampons or sanitary pads and we will be working with www.periodpoverty.scot to donate them to the nearest food bank, refuge or charity for distribution to women less fortunate than ourselves.

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