Funny Women Fest

Join Funny Women and Gilded Balloon for a feast of comedy, interviews and highlights featuring the best of the fest with a different host and line up every day.

Today’s host is Lynn Ruth Miller with guests Rosie Wilby, Caroline Mabey and Jay Lafferty.

Lynn Ruth Miller (Britain’s Got Talent, First Dates) is the world’s oldest working female comedian and happy to be growing old disgracefully… “The nice thing about dating at my age is that you don’t have to meet their parents.”    A sparky octogenarian, she won the Time Out and Soho Theatre Cabaret Award in 2013 and performs stand up Internationally and in the UK.  She’s 83 years-old and the only thing that frightens her is her own reflection.  She’s feisty though and can tell some tales about dating octogenarians, what it’s like being the oldest stand up in the business (RIP Joan Rivers) and why she got her nipple pierced.    Young people of the world, come and see your future.


Wee, mischievous, gallus… Jay Lafferty embodies the cheeky attitude of the Scot’s description for a female upstart.   An experienced writer and performer and BBC Radio Scotland’s Breaking the News regular her clever material is delivered with effortless swagger.   She is presenting her highly anticipated solo debut show at the Fringe 2017.

‘A stand-up with a future getting ever rosier’ (Brian Donaldson).

‘Cuddly one sec, cruel the next, this comic will have you open-mouthed in amazement’ (List). 



Rosie Wilby (BBC Radio 4 regular) poignantly interweaves comedy, memoir, love letters, breakup emails and Richard Hawley music to investigate the aftermath of separation in a post-Gwyneth world.   Her show The Conscious Uncoupling was commissioned by London’s Southbank Centre for Festival of Love and was shortlisted, via public vote, for Funny Women Best Show 2016.

‘A beautifully intimate and thought-provoking gem’ ***** (RemoteGoat.com)

‘Tender and exquisite’ **** (Everything-Theatre.co.uk).

‘From hilarious to heart-wrenching’ **** (FemaleArts.com)

‘A very honest show that manages to celebrate the happy years of a relationship while being mystified by the process of disentanglement’ **** (TheReviewsHub.com)


Caroline Mabey’s memory isn’t what it once was.   Or so she assumes.   In her Fringe show she desperately tries to memorise the 103 allowable two-letter Scrabble words, in this joyful, addled meander through self-help, holistic dance and learning to love the disappointment of truly being yourself.   Featured on: Performance Anxiety (Comedy Central), Before the Morning After (NBC’s Seeso) and Josh Howie’s Losing It (BBC Radio 4).

‘Oddball Genius’ (Chortle.co.uk)

‘A mischievous, kooky talent’ (Time Out)

‘Slightly deranged offspring of Vic Reeves, Harry Hill and Floella Benjamin’ (Evening Standard)

‘No-one has made us laugh as much at this Fringe’ (Skinny)


“Funny Women celebrates women finding their voice in comedy. It’s flying the flag for funny and has launched amazing careers. It’s a joyous thing.” Stylist

“Loving what you’re doing for women – you are class acts!” Backstage

And as if that isn’t enough, we’ll also be asking you to help us raise awareness of #PeriodPoverty. Bring a packet of tampons or sanitary pads and we will be working with www.periodpoverty.scot to donate them to the nearest food bank, refuge or charity for distribution to women less fortunate than ourselves.

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