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Shazia Mirza: With Love from St. Tropez

The title of Shazia Mirza’s show – With Love From St.Tropez – is reminiscent of good times at the seaside, sunbathing with no worries. There is some sunbathing, but it is far from being a worry-free show.

The show starts with a video montage of snippets from news footage and pop culture segments – all the current affairs that are in a way funny in themselves and edited expertly for the purpose. We’re laughing from the get go, even before Shazia Mirza gets on stage.

Shazia Mirza came in to a less than full room, that wasn’t particularly warm, but she used her experience to chat to the audience and play them up. She was brave to bring up subjects that are not the easiest to tackle without creating divisions in the audience, and even if she did lose the audience at certain specific moments, she managed to bring them back in every time. It was great to see her go on unplanned tangents from her prepared show (or very skillfully making me believe she was going off script) and making it sound like prepared material.

It’s great to see someone who has got to a quite stable place in her career, still take risks and be unapologetic about her ideas, while also making fun of herself.

The show is touring in the UK over the next couple of months. You can check dates here.