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Mirrors Review

Mirrors is a black comedy and modern fairytale, as told by writer and performer Siobhan McMillan. Siobhan opens the show as vlogger ShyGirl, her beauty vlog’s subscriber count is fast approaching the dizzying heights of double figures and she’s had a date. She can’t lose…

Of course she can, ShyGirl is not, after all, a fairytale princess and in front of our eyes, ShyGirl transforms into the evil and beautiful witch Shivvers. Shivvers takes us on a journey – ‘a bloody pilgrimage’ to find who has toppled her as the fairest of them all and discovers how the beauties of the world all have their secrets. And it ain’t a solid cleanse, tone and moisturise routine.

It’s a smart premise, tapping into both the traditional world of fairytale beauties and the newly emerged vlogosphere. The enchanted mirror of Snow White gets an update and Mirrors gives new insight into how social media can affect and infect our ego.

A wittily self-aware show, with plenty of wry asides, Mirrors is the perfect showcase for Siobhan’s acting range and writing talent. I would like to have seen a little more of ShyGirl’s beauty vlogging antics – if anything just so I could learn how to get my highlight as on fleek as Siobhan McMillan’s. Nonetheless, Mirrors is an interesting comment on narcissism and where we go for validation.

Mirrors is at Leicester Square Theatre until 14th April 2018. For tickets and more information click here!