Motherland may return, with more women comedians!

Motherland might be making a return to our screens according to one of its co-creators Sharon Horgan who spoke to Digital Spy about her various projects, including her new film Game Night. Sharon told Digital Spy that she was keen to explore different types of parenting in the next series and adding more characters to be played by some of the UK’s funniest comedians alongside the already fantastic cast.

“It’s a bit of a logistical nightmare because there’s quite a few writers on it so just getting us together and available at the same time but we’re working it out, for sure…

“We definitely want to get a few more mums in there. We represented as many types without them feeling like types as we could, but I think there’s more out there to explore and so many great comedy actresses to play those roles as well. It’s like being a kid with a bunch of toys, it’s the best thing ever.

“I think they’re talking about a sequel. They left it open for one, and I think the writers are having some thoughts, that was a really fun thing and fitted. It was the right time for me to make something like that. Everything you make now, whether it’s set in the UK or not, has life outside of the UK.”