Lolly Adefope joins the Damned on Channel 4

Lolly Adefope has been cast in the second series of Jo Brand’s social worker comedy Damned on Channel 4. Lolly will play Mimi, a student who is on work experience at Elm Heath Social Services.

In a post-Brexit world, defined by a new government and legislation that no one can really fathom, Elm Heath Social Services have more crises to deal with that ever. Rose remains as irritable, chaotic and resentful as ever as she tries to juggle home, work, family and her far-too-present ex-husband. Meanwhile Alan Davies is back as Al, apathetically trying to surf a mid-life crisis, considers pastures new to inject some much needed excitement, and a new challenge, into his life. Martin (Kevin Eldon) is back full time and this time round he’s in charge so things might be about to change – but ever so kindly and slowly cause he’s a nice bloke. But will his new position of power bring out some unseemly dictatorial traits?

Alan Davies said of the addition to the cast: “Mimi’s a really funny character. She is very determined to do the right thing. She’s quite forthright but has little or no practical experience so she’s finding out that, once you’re at the coal face on the job that you’re principles sometimes have to be compromised. Lolly Adefope plays her and she’s a hilarious comic so she’s been a good addition to an already very strong cast.”

Jo Brand, who plays Rose in the series, said in an interview with Channel 4 that Lolly’s character is a: “know-it-all student called Mimi, who’s on work experience from her social work training. To some extent, she’s a kind of reminder to the time-servers that they’re not quite as great as they think they are. And they’re not quite as efficient, and they’re not quite as up-to-date with life as they thought they were.”

Jo also talked about women’s issues making it onto the main agenda in current affairs: “I do feel like it’s moved on massively from where we were when I started doing comedy in the 1980s. Women are getting much more confident, and speaking out much more. Now it seems to be a question of getting a lot more men on side, I think.”

The second series of Damned will air on Channel 4 this year.