The Inspiration to Carry On

I was browsing our Twitter feed when up popped a message from Ruthe Phoenix. Ruthe performed in one of four Dublin 2017 Funny Women Awards heats and made it on to our ‘Ones to Watch’ list.  We knew from Simon O’Keefe our co-promoter in Dublin that Ruthe had been involved in a terrible car crash soon after and we hoped that the news about this had made its way to her.  It did and this is the message we received today via Twitter.

“Thank you so much for the wonderful experience of taking part in the Funny Women Awards 2017. It was a real highlight of my year. It was absolutely wonderful and inspiring to see so many brilliantly funny and talented women.

“To see all of those women being supported by Lynne and those who work hard behind the scenes at Funny Women was amazing. Thank you for giving us the confidence and the opportunity to perform and for nurturing the comedy career of so many funny women.

“I was in a bad car accident at the end of November. (Have attached photos of the car that the fire service cut me out of).

“After arriving home from the hospital one day, either after getting my head wound checked or the stitches out, I can’t quite remember, (all I remember is feeling so fragile and weak and like an empty shell of my former self), as I was helped out of the car, hobbling into the house, I was told that I was just named in the ‘Ones to Watch’  list for the Funny Women Stage Award.

“Instead of my now routine crying and feeling so vulnerable and awful, I had the first moment of fire and excitement in my tummy and remembered that I am still a person, that I still have something to give. Thank you so much for that, I am so grateful.

“I know it takes a lot of time, energy, and hard work to make Funny Women happen. So, thanks for everything that you do to give women in comedy opportunities. You’re doing something amazing here and on behalf of all of the women who take part, thank you! Ruthe xx”

We thank you Ruthe.  Wishing you a full recovery from all of us involved with Funny Women.

Please support Stand Up for Ruthe a benefit gig which takes place in Ballymun, Dublin on Friday 16th February at Axis hosted by Eric Lalor with Alison Spittle, David O’Doherty and many more.

The Irish Regional Final of the 2017 Funny Women Awards hosted by Aine Gallagher takes place in Chaplins Bar on Saturday 10th February.  Details here.