Shappi Khorsandi Calls Out Groper

Comedian and author Shappi Khorsandi has reported that she was groped by a charity worker when she hosted an awards gig this week.

Shappi said that a man from the organisation Sapper Support, which aids those suffering post-traumatic stress disorder, touched her inappropriately at the Charity Times event in London and made improper comments. Sapper Support had been named Best New Charity at the ceremony.

After the event Shappi tweeted: “Hey @SapperSupport, I suffer from PTSD myself, so please don’t grope my arse again unless invited to. It wrecked my night.

“Everyone else I met was wonderful. It was, apart from that nonsense at the very end, a lovely night.

“I was doing my job and somehow they thought that was OK without having a clue about what it can trigger, what my experiences are.”

In a now deleted tweet the charity responded: “Sincere apologies, I suspect too much fizz and exuberance was to blame. No malice but also no excuse.”

The charity‚Äôs founder, bomb disposal expert Tim Evers, tweeted: “This allegation is totally unfounded. I do not know why Ms Khorsandi has chosen to tweet this allegation.”

Unfortunately this is not an unusual response to such allegations. However many comics have come forward sharing similar experiences to Shappi’s and offering their support. As do we.