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Sarah Millican’s Book is Champion

http://volderam.myjino.ru/sharre/ekologicheskoe-vospitanie-v-narodnoy-pedagogike.html I do love a good autobiography and Sarah Millican’s book How to be Champion combines autobiography with useful advice and even a cake recipe. You get the feeling Sarah likes everyone to get their money’s worth. I got this book for free from her publishers to review it (with the message I was ‘in for a treat’) but I highly recommend you buy it/put it on your Christmas list because whatever the recommended retail price this is a bargain. Although I do not recommend you read this book in public, unless you like snorting and crying with laughter in front of strangers.


http://racer.by/discus/knigi-po-elektivnim-kursam.html Sarah tears through her childhood, listing the wildly arbitrary – and some not so arbitrary – reasons children found to bully her at school. However, don’t weep for school-girl Sarah, as she also mentions the things that made her happy in childhood, such as encouraging teachers, disco dancing and a hilarious story about a mix-tape. It’s worth noting this is also a neat little history document, with Sarah recalling living through the miner’s strike and the implications it had on her life.

http://xn----8sbcilsttikhwjls1o.xn--p1ai/disqus/10.html She is particularly insightful when recalling her school years, with observations such as: “There’s no social mobility at school; if you’re a dowdy nerd, you’re a dowdy nerd for five years. But the minute you leave, you can be a funny girl with nine GCSEs and the whole world ahead of her.”

follow site The 2005 Funny Women Awards finalist is wonderfully unapologetic about a number of things, her fondness for counselling after her divorce, her dislike of children and a maternal instinct reserved for her pets and her appearance. In fact Sarah republishes her glorious response to the criticism she received over her BAFTA dress and goes on to cite a review of her episode of Who Do You Think You Are? in comparison to Paul Hollywood’s. It’s pretty shocking.

This is a book in which the writer’s warmth shines through and the advice really is responsible and helpful. Do read it, you will learn something; even if it is just how to bake a cake.

http://minkjo.com/disqus/57-grechka-s-myasom-v-multivarke-panasonik.html Sarah Millican: How to be Champion is published by Trapeze and out now!