Kerry Godliman to star in new BBC Radio 4 Sitcom

Kerry Godliman and Marcus Brigstocke are set to star in a new BBC Radio 4 sitcom The Wilsons Save The World, which is being described as: “The Good Life for the new millennium”, written by Marcus Brigstocke and Sarah Morgan.

Marcus and Kerry will play Michael and Maxine, parents who are trying to “live a cleaner, greener, serener life”

Marcus explained in an interview: “It’s a modern take on The Good Life I suppose. Not self-sufficiency as such, but like Tom and Barbara Good the family are trying to live an ethical life while everyone else around them isn’t.

“They make good ethical choices about where they shop. They recycle, upcycle, reuse. I suppose it says that we’re all consumers, but there are questions about why we need to keep consuming. Why do we need to constantly update our phones for example?”

The series will be recorded in front of a studio audience in London this autumn. For free tickets and more information click here!