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Laura Davis: Cake in the Rain

With a successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe there is a sense of anticipation and excitement in the air for multi-award winning comedian Laura Davis. The comedian, who later tells us this is her first time out of Australia stands at the mic as the audience filters in.  She smiles, sings along to the music as she checks the playlist on her phone and elegantly yet awkwardly extends her arms and legs as if warming up for a music and movement class. A duality is present throughout.  There is a lot going on and this is a very clever clown. There are several comedians and performers in attendance so perhaps there is something to be learned here.

Famous in her homeland, Laura has no profile in the UK but after a short time, like her poster, you appreciate this is a fascinating creature who has come out of the sea fully formed and bearing gifts – in the poster in the form of one of her favourite things – a cake.

Despite her youthful appearance this is a totally engaging hour of original, interesting, thought provoking ideas and very funny jokes from a stand up career of ten years.  Her view is sometimes unsettling but she has rigorously analysed, structured and ‘done the math’ and you find yourself astonished, nodding in agreement and laughing all at the same time.   

There is an enjoyable darkness in her sometimes provocative stories from cockroaches, abortion and creepy strangers including a progressive rapist to the racism involved when the WOW (Women of the World) festival made the green man a woman.  No No No! was the outcry as crossing the road became big news and some people insisted it was ‘not just a green man but a white green man.’    

She reveals a lot about herself like she can’t pee on planes (even on a 13 hour trip) but she loves babies screaming on planes (they’re expressing what she’s feeling). The most disturbing fact being she has a diagnosed mental condition which she tries to help counter by forcing herself to have simple happy thoughts, such as that there are sausages in the fridge, which bring her back from the brink. Her experience of the UK has obviously been a good one and luckily for us she claims she doesn’t want to go back and will be organising the work visa to return ASAP.

Grab a ticket for tonight or tomorrow at Soho Theatre in London 9pm or look out for Laura’s welcome return from Oz.

Laura Davis: Cake in the Rain is at Soho Theatre on Friday 15th and Saturday 16th September at 9.00pm. For tickets and more information click here!