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Holly Walsh Pilots The Other One

http://89251112795.ru/disqus/91.html Holly Walsh has a new comedy pilot, which will air as part of BBC Two’s New on Two strand. The show is about a woman called Catherine Walcott, and another woman called Catherine Walcott.

http://www.brandscort.ru/discus/trudovoy-dogovor-vneshnee-sovmestitelstvo-obrazets.html Speaking to как прошить мозги ваз 2110 своими руками The Independent Holly said: “In a nutshell, it’s about two sisters who didn’t know each other existed until their two-timing father suddenly drops dead… Both the girls are called Catherine – as any good bigamist will tell you, keep things simple, just in case someone stops you in the street and asks you how Catherine is.”

http://alpobot.fr/disqusion/71.html The pilot tells the story of the weeks following the Catherines’ father’s death and their experience of finding out about each other, Holly says “It’s a classic ‘odd couple’ I suppose… One is uptight and spends her spare time watching Ted Talks – the other goes with the flow and basically only eats crisps.”

go The show stars a fantastic female cast of Siobhan Finneran, Rebecca Front, Ellie White and Lauren Socha. Although Holly told The Independent that it was never her intention to create a female driven show: “The characters naturally evolved from the idea, It’s a peculiarly male phenomenon – bigamy – it’d be much harder to have two simultaneous secret families if you were a woman.”

Holly thinks we still have a way to go for women in comedy: “I definitely think having more female writers, directors and performers makes a big difference…  But it’s also down to male writers to write good parts for women. I still watch a lot of comedies where the women are basically sexy bystanders.”

http://marinelarmier.com/sharre/teknetiks-t2-ltd.html The Other One is on BBC Two at 10pm on Wednesday 13th September